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Updated 04/24/2018

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Real Estate Attorneys

Attorneys' Real Property Council
of Dade County
1998 Membership

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Attorneys' Real Property Council of Dade County, Inc.

An Association of Attorneys practicing Real Property Law

Affiliate Member of various Dade County Associations of Realtors

Members of The Florida Bar

Why a Real Estate Attorney?

Because real estate transactions are perhaps the largest single purchase of a buyer's lifetime, all interested parties need the knowledgeable srvices of a real estate attorney.  A real estate attorney helps see that the transaction is closed. Effectively. Efficiently. Comprehensively. Knowledgeably.   And in the best interests of the client.  Often saving not only a closing, but hundreds of dollars of superfluous costs in the process.

What can a Real Estate Attorney do for you?
These specialists offer legally precise services, based on recognition of current real estate and taxation laws, in order that the client--Realtor, lender, buyer or seller--may be confident that their own best interests are being represented and defended.

These attorneys deliver unique and comprehensive services to commercial or residential Realtors, lenders, buyers and/or sellers.  These services are client-oriented transactions and money-saving benefits that no one, not even a title company, can offer.

Who is a Real Estate Legal Expert?

The Attorneys' Real Property Council of Dade County, Inc. is comprised of experienced real property lawyers who are committed to deliver timely expertise to help ensure successful real estate transactions.

You can depend on a member of the Attorneys' Real Property Council, Inc., to be a leader in the area of real estate law.

Goals and Principles

The Attorneys' Real Property Council of Dade County, Inc. was organized to bring together experienced and real property lawyers for the purpose of solving common problems and establishing goals and principles designed to deliver efficient, economical and quality legal services to buyers, sellers, lenders and Realtors.  Each member of the Attorneys' Real Property Council has subscribed to and is committed to the following principles:

To furnish title insurance to buyers and to lenders.

To furnish timely and efficient closing services in real estate transactions.

To maintain a knowldegeable legal staff who will be responsive to questions as they arise.

To keep all interested parties informed as the transaction progresses.

To mediate disagreements between the parties, negotiate, comprmise, and promote the timely closing of the transaction.

To provide prompt legal assistance to Realtors when difficulties arise relating to drafting contracts.

To promote harmonious relations between attorneys, Realtors, lenders, buyers and sellers.

The Council, a non-profit organization, dedicates itself to the continuing legal education of its members.  The Council promotes utilization of attorneys in real estate transactions and commits itself to participating in events and activities relating to public information and education.

Deets, Susan

Whitaker, John
9370 Sunset Drive, Suite A-130, Miami, FL 33173

Anderson, Joyce
9370 Sunset Dr., Suite A-130, Miami, FL 33173

Palmer, Paul
12790 S. Dixie Hwy., Miami, FL 33156